Our Partners

Welcome to SALT Dental Collective, a distinguished dental support organization that stands out. With a dedicated team of professionals spanning across 5 states (so far), we pride ourselves on the power of collaboration, embracing victories, and fostering your professional growth through continuous training and advancement opportunities. Our core values extend beyond dentistry, as we firmly believe in giving back to our communities by volunteering our time and resources.


Why Join SALT?

Expect Greatness at SALT Dental Collective

At SALT, we aim to establish strategic partnerships with dentists and orthodontists to enhance the patient experience. Our approach is based on transparency, honesty, and effective communication, providing comprehensive information and options. We offer data-driven decision-making analytics, collective discounts on supplies and equipment, practical valuations, retirement transitions, work-back agreements, growth options, financial projections, and modeling. By adopting our approach, you can be assured of a predictable experience and successful liquidation.